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73 Million People Want Online Church

by Nathan Artt, on February 2022

We recently enjoyed a dynamite conversation with Kyle Ranson, the Online Pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati. 


Crossroads Church is a pioneer in the online church space and has created one of the largest, most engaging online churches we know. Kyle recently led the Crossroads team in a massive research project exploring the role that digital might play in evangelism. This national study determines the size of the market for people looking for online church and includes what those people are looking for and how we might actually engage them. The study and the numbers are astounding. 

Here’s what our interview with Kyle will addresses: 

  • What kind of opportunity exists for online church?
  • Are there differences between generations?
  • Is there anything specific that can let us know someone is open to online church?
  • Is it possible to build community through online church?
  • How can we best craft our messaging to attract people who are seeking community?
  • What will the Church of the future look like?

Would you like to learn more about the digital space and how your church can benefit from the findings addressed in this study? We would love to connect with you!

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